About The Juice Art

We believe in the hospitality rule that every guest is important. Every client is special to us because we know that when you come to THE JUICE ART your event is special to YOU. The Juice Art brings flair and contemporary style to events, coupled with seamless service and professional management that create truly memorable experience for all our guests. Over the past 40 year our company has earned national recognition for its standards of service and creativity. We encourage our emptors to lead healthy life every single day by serving around 15 million drinks every year. We have an experience of creating menus that are in tune with the season and have a focus on exquisite flavour, beautiful presentation and the philosophy for using only natural ingredients of the best quality.

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Meet Our Founders

Gulshan Chawla

Mr. Gulshan Chawla is known as the tastemaker of India. Coming from a very pious family Mr. Gulshan Chawla always had an intense desire to do something good for the society and the people in general, with this motto he started serving basic juices with a small team of companions, but as the days passed his concept of serving goodness was highly cherished, which snowballed the number of clients, the variety of juices and the team. Despite the humble beginning, now we are serving across India to more than 100 regular clients, with more than 60 variants of juices, shakes & mocktails and a team of more than 100 artisans.

Nitin Chawla

Mr. Nitin Chawla the co-founder joined The Juice Art after completing his studies in hospitality from London in 2007. He Adapted the Hospitality rule that Every Guest is important, and wished to cater the non-alcoholic mass. With his creativity & vision Mr. Nitin Chawla gave the Juice Art new style, Ideas and an enlarging ocean of possibilities, possibilities that took the company far & wide throughout India. Making The Juice Art win accolades such as: International Excellence Awards 2017, ICWF 2017 (Silver), ICWF 2018 (Bronze).

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